Friday, December 10, 2010

Icing On The Cake

What Makes A Good Wedding Cake?

Here are My Suggestions to What Will Make Not Only A Good Wedding Cake, but also, a memorable one (in a good way)

1. SIMPLE- Now I Don't Mean Boring, I Mean Keep the cake Beautiful but not over-done. Exception: If Your wedding is extremely extravagant.. but even then.. I don't think it's that good of an idea

2. MODERATION - If you are having a small wedding, stick to a Smaller Cake. No Need for 7 tiers, especially since most people don't really eat cake at weddings anymore.

3. ELEGANCE - You want your cake to stand out and you want people to remember it, but You don't want people to think your cake is tacky either. 

4. THEME - Stick to your theme, but don't make your cake a theme, remember this isn't a birthday party. Tie your theme in subtly so it can be sophisticated and elegant. Also, don't use the cake as the time to Represent your mutual love for cats, when the theme of your wedding is A Stroll Along The Beach.

  • DO Make a Groom's Cake, you can personalize it anyway you like and it won't seem tacky and it will make your husband feel more special.. on a day that is just a little bit more about you then him
  • DO make cake tiers different flavors , to give your guest options, this also works if the Bride and Groom can't agree on a mutual flavor.
  • DO have a smaller cake for yourself and cupcakes for your guest
  • DO have a sweets bar 
My List above is pretty clear on the don't s but there is one cake that really should NEVER be used at a wedding, unless this is your dream cake.. but NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is more tackier then a Fountain Cake. The cake went out in the 80's and should stay out.

Below Are Pictures of Cakes I Saw on The and are Cakes, I believe hit the nail on the head.. So Bravo to the Baker and to the Couple who's idea it was.

By Maggie's Cakes; Santa Fe, NM  
  I like this cake because it exudes Simplicity,Elegance and Moderation. The Edges lightly painted in silver, The one tier covered in gum paste flowers and the 3 square cushion shaped tiers. Then to add the silver vintage cake stand is genius. This may not scream a memorable cake to your guests, however no one will hate it and you when you look back at the photos you will be happy with the outcome

Celebrating Life Cakes; Saint Louis, MO

 This is the perfect example of the cupcake wedding cake. Cupcakes for everyone (moderation), but a small cake on top for the bride and groom to cut into and share that tradition. The Cake is Elegant, Simple-ish and Sticks to the Theme. Including the cake topper. 

Simon Lee Bakery
My only problem with cake is that it kind of reminds me of jail, however it is simple with it's black and white strips, honors the themes colors of the wedding, it a small four tier cake, making it perfect in moderation and is made elegant by the small white sugar flowers along the tiers edges.

Sophie's Choice Bakery, Fredricksburg
I give this cake brownie points so to speak for sticking to it theme (outdoors), while maintaining simple and elegant. This cake could have turned into all kinds of wrong,

Bella e Dolce; Cheboygan
While doesn't this cake make you smile, it used the outdoor theme and citrus colors, to make a unique and simple cake, while keeping it tasteful for a wedding. My favorite part is the mini oranges mixed with spring time flowers at the top.

Sweet Cakes Design

Another outdoor theme, tied their theme and colors into this cake very well, by painting(sparingly) trees and other outdoor scenes onto the cake. Making this cake, simple and elegant.

Intricate Icings
The them colors for this wedding were orange and purple, not 2 colors that would easily combined onto a cake without looking to busy. However, this cake made it work. Painting each tier in orange damask designs, then sparingly using purple hydrangeas every other tier. Simple and Elegant all tied in.

 This is just one of those cakes that pretty much works for any wedding, just change the colors to your theme and there you go, it's simple,elegant and a great size. The flowers aren't crowded and there are just enough of them.
Ron-Ben Israel Cakes, New York
This cake was a retro art deco theme. This cake easily could have been too busy, but it is simple and elegant in it's own way. I especially love the hints of hot pink through out the cake. It is definitely unique and pretty.

Bijoux Doux by Ellen Boumwall
This may easily be my favorite cake. The colors catch your eye, and although the design is intricate and also, elegant, the cake remains simple for several reasons. it is Only two layers, and the baker/designer of this cake kept the top on the bottom tier white. Then the beautiful white sugar flowers adorned on top and slightly draping down. This cake, is easily memorable. Honestly... I may steal this idea for my wedding cake. 

Gail Waston Custom Cakes
This cake is perfect for a Whimsical,outdoors or winter wedding. The Sugar Flowers draping down on the vine, lightly dusted with color and the quilted background giving the cake some texture and depth.

Cakes that Left a Bad Taste
These are the cakes, your guests smiled and said " oh your cake is great!" but behind your back they are all saying "What were they thinking" People tend to use either there themes either too literally or they try to personalize them.. save that for the Groom's Cake, or your birthday or find a place in the wedding where you can commemorate it, So guest will say "oh that's cute and smart" and not "Why would they do that?"

 What went wring here was the cake topping. The Groom worked for Disney, so I understand wanting to represent it in your wedding and I get Wall-E and Eva's love. This may have even worked.. but the cake which is adorned with lace texture, say simple, sweet and vintage. Not Disney Robots.

This cake is just all kinds of wrong, to me it looks like the bride and groom ordered a nice wedding cake and the ring bearer dressed it up. Not only that but the Cake Topper doesn't work for the theme of this cake or even the cake, Again, if you like action figures so much. Either, name your tables after them or make it a grooms cake, because sorry but it looks cheap and tacky otherwise.

Cute Cake.. for a grooms cake or a birthday. If the bride and groom are pilots or enjoy flying, traveling etc. They could have found a pretty cake topper to adorn their cake. 

I don't even understand this cake. To me it looks like a kids made the cake. I don't get it.

Now don't get me wrong, Your wedding is your wedding so at the end of the day if it is exactly what you want then that is all that matters, however, I find most brides want the wedding to be how they envision it and they don't want to have it come off cheap and tacky. They want there guests to talk about how elegant the wedding was when they leave, not make it a joke.



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