Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Time For Bad Hair

Ladies... Your wedding is not the day to experiment with crazy hairstyles or to be trendy. These pictures, will last forever. What you wear and how you look, is what you, your husband and guests will remember you like on your wedding day. So... as in most cases when planning your wedding you don't want to look back and say " what was I thinking?!" and you sure don't want your guests to think the same thing.

How To Make Sure You Have a Great Hair Day...

1. Look through magazines, sites, etc and pick a few styles you like, then set up an appt. with your hairstylist a month or so before the wedding and test these styles out.

2. Don't Be Boring.. But Also Don't Be Over The Top.

3. Avoid Prom Hair

4. Avoid Trendy Hair - Trends are great to incorporate in some aspects of your wedding, however remember when Big Hair and Puffy Sleeves when the Trend in the 80's? Yea, most brides regret these trends on the wedding day.

5. Stick to Timeless, Elegant and Classy

6. Don't just pick any Hair Stylist, make sure they can do up-do's and do them well, but can also handle doing the Bridal party.

Hair Style Ideas
I found most my hairstyles on , Which is one of my favorite Wedding magazines by the way.

 This Hairstyle Exudes Hollywood Glamour and isn't a simple boring half up - half down style.

 The style is intricate and sleek, photos wise the front will be cute and simple, and in the back you will have people gasp at the beautiful intricate detail.

 Perfect for the low maintenance bride, who wants a half up - half down look. You won't have the boring half up - half down style with some curls. This Do has volume and romanticism, that takes your look to a whole new level.

Another Do for a low maintenance bride.. a little more of the safe side, but you won't look back and regret it. It is sleek and elegant.

A little more risky style, but definitely eye catching. You can substitute the feathers for a flower or another accessory.


This Elegant Side Pony, won't disappoint. 

For the brides with shorter hair, this style exudes Vintage Hollywood Glam

Messy Yet Put Together

Princess anyone? Timeless look for sure.

Hair Style's You WILL Regret

I have seen variations of this style and it can look cute. However on your wedding day people are going to come up and say "you look great" and then you'll  turn around and they will go.. ""

 Did Someone Poop on Her Head?

The Bangs, The Curls, The Band.. is she a Bride or a flower girl?!

Fake Fake Fake. Just NO.

 Whoever styled this lady obviously doesn't know how to make a teased messy look.. This is just looks like she woke up and pulled her hair in a low pony without looking in a mirror.

REALLY Do The Rest need Explaining, they are all bad and regrettable hairstyles.

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